Products FAQs

What type of wallpaper paste should I use?
Some wallpaper pastes have anti-fungals in them. The white pva ones are the best for me rather than the old fashioned polycell pastes. Just make sure you don’t react to them before you use them.

Where should I plug in the filters?
You should plug them into a wall socket, rather than on an extension cable. The socket should be in good condition.   The socket needs to be switched on for the filter to work.

How do the Earth Sheets work?
The earthing sheets are particulalrly practical and effective when compared to other available.

1) The earthing sheets shield against radio-frequency radiation
2) They connect the user to earth (at mains frequency of 50/60 Hz.) via a yellow – earth only plug. the plug conatains a large safety resistor 100kOhm.

How can I reduce the electrosmog using a tablet or iPad?

The Wi-Fi connection is the strongest signal.  Secondly, the low frequency electric field from the charger should be minimised.

You will need to connect to the internet via ethernet.  For a solution, there are lots of helpful videos on youtube.  Use ethernet cables of Cat 6A or 7 – they are shielded.  You will also need camera and ethernet adaptors.  Many of the cheaper adaptors don’t work with Apple products, so always choose quality products. 

Switch the tablet to flight mode.  Make sure the cables shielding is earthed by plugging one of our computer earthing cables into the back of the router.

Check the tablet is earthed using a PF5 meter, from our website, on electric field mode.

Check the tablet is not emitting Wi-Fi using an Acousticom 2 meter, from our website.

Orders FAQs

Our Deliveries and Terms & Conditions pages in the Shop menu will hopefully answer any questions that you may have.

Surveys FAQs

How do I book a survey?
Get in touch by email/contact us form/phone

Where do you provide surveys?
Anywhere in the UK and Europe.

How long do surveys take?
They usually take about two hours.  This will depend on how large your property is and how complicated the problems are. The quotation normally includes on-site work of up to 2.5 hours.

A cheaper alternative is to order a 1 hour telephone consultancy.

Are there any additional costs the the surveys?
Yes, we charge for our travel expenses.  This will either be the public transport at cost or 55 pence per mile return from BN6 9RE.