PF5 Low Frequency Meter

The PF5 measures electric and magnetic EMFs from electrical power frequency (PF). It displays red, amber green levels of the biological impact as assessed by experts. It is the meter to assess biological impact on you and your family from electrical systems, appliances and technology.

The PF5, unlike most EMF meters on the market, also measures frequencies in the range from 20 Hz to well over 50 kHz. This enables the PF5 to measure the higher frequency electric and magnetic fields emitted by induction cooking hobs, solar-panel inverters, ‘energy-saving’ compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps and some LED lights.

These are amongst the most concerning new sources of our electromagnetic field exposures as the currents they induce in your body are proportional to the frequency. So a magnetic field at 25000 Hz (25 kHz) will induce 500 times more current in your body compared with same strength of field at 50 Hz. Induction hobs, in particular, induce some of the highest internal electric currents in your body in the VLF frequency range. Such currents have been shown to significantly affect the nervous system.

The PF5 is an easy to use, pocket sized, accurate, power-frequencies meter which is ideal for carrying around. It measures both electric and magnetic fields and is available labelled in either international microtesla (µT) units or in milliGauss (mG) units for America, Canada and Australia etc.

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When you want to understand and reduce the electrosmog exposure in your life, you need a meter that is reliable and easy to use.  This will give you feedback on an instantaneous basis on the electrosmog that’s causing you problems and the low frequency part of electromagnetics have been shown to affect health with problems such as leukaemia.

The traffic light scale of green / amber / red are set at levels which are appropriate for most electro-sensitives.

Battery life is excellent and also enhanced by the meter switching itself off after 30 seconds (?).

The size and weight of the meter – similar to a packet of 20 cigarettes, makes them very portable.

At the low frequencies the magnetic fields behave completely separately from the electric field and in fact they behave very differently.  The electric will spread far further and is strongly influenced by your own presence (beware!).

Operation is one press for magnetic field measurement.  The next press gives you the electric field measurement and the third press either takes you back to electric fields or a long press switches off.


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Microtesla Model (European), MilliGauss Model (America)

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