Home Energy System EMI Filtering

Technology such as solar panels, heat pumps, car charging and house batteries that create and transforms energy emits high levels of pollution. This pollution is called Electromagnetic emissions (EMI) or colloquially, electrosmog. These excellent pieces of technology generate a lot of electronic noise because of the way solar panel inverters and heat pump motor controllers both work in switch mode. Switch mode generates a series of powerful harmonics.

With these problems in mind, we’ve developed the SF1, the Solar Filter 1, which is designed to filter out the dirty electricity from home energy systems. In homes with home energy systems, you can typically expect many times the amount of EMI than in a home without. Electrosensitives will find this difficult to have in their home environment. 

Question: How does the SF1 work, and how effective is it?

Consider the SF1 as the exhaust system for your home’s energy-generation engines. Analogous to exhausts on cars, our filters ensure the highly useful engineering systems of solar panels and heat pumps don’t compromise the well-being of those living with these pieces of engineering.

The SF1, across our installs, has seen dramatic reduction in EMI. Using the Graham Stetzer meter, the GSU shows a reading that is above the scale, (over 1999) down to the recommended levels for electrosensitives (25 GSU). We’ve considered as many frequencies as we can with the 3kHz to 100MHz range being effectively addressed.

We’re proud of the engineering behind our SF1. Solar panels and heat pumps operate with high Amperages. This means that they require electronics with a high capacity. We made the SF1 because the capacity of existing technologies to filter EMI isn’t high enough for us to recommend to our customers and meet our needs. Our filters work in series rather than in parallel meaning that the electricity is directed through the filter and therefore more completely filtered.

It’s important to make the environment you spend time in healthy and congruent with your needs. Quiet cottages in the countryside without much electronics have a particular stillness to them. The SF1 helps to make the home have more of this still feeling. This is because there is less electronic noise. Customers that have installed the SF1 have felt this increased calmness to their residency or office space. 

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Our clients have reported better sleep, piece of mind and health since their systems have been installed. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you to organise a survey of your home or workspace. We can assess whether the SF1 system would improve the health of your home.

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