EMF Surveys

An onsite survey is carried out by an expert who can identify the source of particular problems and without missing critical issues. Also identifying and developing with the client practical solutions and designs.

Electromagnetic Surveys

We conduct electromagnetic (EM) surveys in homes and offices, using a tried-and-tested approach we provide analysis and solutions to improve your environment. Based on well-established science, the levels of electromagnetic fields collected from each survey, are compared with those recommended by the Institute of Building Biology.

Benefits of an EMF Survey

Many of our surveys are commissioned by owners or prospective buyers of properties where there is a possible threat to health from mobile phone masts and pylons, or substations nearby. Accordingly, a growing number of our clients want to know the levels of electrosmog (including geopathics) in the property. The good news is that even if we do find a problem in most cases we can work out a solution!

With several large sales completed within days of receiving our report, were confident that our surveys can also provide peace of mind when buying and selling a property.

What does a Survey include?

  • Initial consultation, determining your needs
  • Several hundred measurements, taken and interpreted
  • Focused instructional advice throughout
  • Information and help understanding problem areas
  • Agreed solutions based on your requirements
  • A list of actions and solutions
  • Recommendations in relation to technology use (electromagnetic hygiene)
  • Recommendations for shielding and protection

When required, we work with electricians, plumbers, developers, builders, architects to resolve or design out  electrosmog.

What do we check for?

  • Radio/microwave fields:  for example: mobiles, cordless phones, wifi, cellmasts
  • ‘Dirty’ electricity – transient variations in the voltage and frequency of the mains
  • Earthing systems
  • Extra low frequency electric and magnetic fields – from mains supply and building wiring
  • Geomagnetic anomalies – distortions in the earth’s magnetic field
  • Geopathic stress – radiation from under buildings thought to be caused by dirty electricity in underground streams
  • Induced body voltages
  • Technology use and installation – home offices, usage of mobiles
  • Radon radioactivity

Where appropriate and feasible. Offices, health and commercial premises and building projects will have tailored surveys and analysis.

Why choose Beneficial Environments

Having an experienced professional electromagnetic surveyor on site is important. Many people try a DIY approach with rented meters but quickly discover that today’s electromagnetic landscape is highly complex. Measurements can easily be misinterpreted and also critical pollutants can be missed. We will do everything possible for you to retain your full use of your technology.

We also offer a design service to help establish an electrically calm and healthy environment in new buildings.

How much does it cost?

Home surveys start at £250 for an average sized home.

Office Surveys start at  £300, with an increase in fees dependant on tech requirements.

Given the broad range of buying and selling surveys that we do, project costs are determined on an individual basis. This assures that you are getting an efficient and fairly priced service.

We also offer advice over the phone, click here for more information and prices

In cases of financial hardship there is a scale of reduced fees.

As part of our professional approach to electromagnetic surveying, we hold professional indemnity insurance.

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