Guy Hudson

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Guy Hudson, is a leading EMF surveyor, professional engineer, physicist,electrosensitive, founder of Beneficial Environments and a contributing advisor for the new biologically-based guidelines for EMFs – IGNIR. With over 30 years of industry experience, he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals for low-electrosmog living spaces. He organised the 2015 International EMF Conference “Get Wired,” bringing together Scientists, Medical Doctors, Academics, Researchers and Activists. IGNIR was launched the 2018 International Conference for Children with Cancer UK, Guy continues to pioneer effective solutions for the challenges of Electromagnetic Pollution that we face.

Bridging the gap between physics and environments, Guy has undergone extensive training with some of the world’s leading building biology EMF experts in Germany and the UK. Initially incapacitated by electrosensitivity he reduced his own exposure, he is now able to carefully live life unimpeded by the severe symptoms of electrosensitivity. Many clients come to him for home surveys given his breadth of knowledge within what can sometimes be a complex and confusing field, whilst other clients are seeking expert consulting for larger building projects.

Taking a bespoke and science-based approach, Guy provides multiple channels for solutions via Beneficial Environments. He also continues to organise events and courses for those interested in learning more about Electromagnetic Pollution.

Guy holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and is a member of The Institute of Physics. He has written a number of columns for the publication What Doctors Don’t Tell You as ”Electrosmog Doctor”and works closely with members of UK charities. He continues to develop and refine EMF survey methodologies, using reputable scientific sources such as Building Biology’s SBM 2015, the EUROPAEM guidelines, and developing and releasing products in collaboration with a number of specialist suppliers ensuring a wide range of solutions.