RF Meter: Acousticom 2

RF Meter: Acousticom 2 Expertise and Support

Why buy this RF meter when there are others on the market?, and why buy it here?

It covers 5G,4G,3G and 2G, WIFI, Bluetooth, Smart meters, IoT.

(5G here means as implemented in 2020 – another meter is in development for the millimeter waves planned for later 5G)

Demand for the Acousticom microwave meter has rightfully, at last, soared. People in all walks of life are realizing that they should know what levels of radiation they are exposed to. It’s coming with the 5G rollout but just as serious are the existing levels of 2,3 and 4G centimetre microwave radiation which the AC2 measures.

Buy the Acousticom from us, where you get support, videos, and the benefit of years of experience of using the AC2 professionally.

This little meter, the AC2 is the most sensible choice of meter of its type. Easy to read, difficult to misread and scaled red, amber, green indicating on the effect of nominally moderately electrosensitive humans. Good battery life, robust, fits in your hand and fits into a pocket. You should avoid a fiddly and confusing meter, while getting used to the complexity of EMF’s. As a professional user I love its simplicity and knowing that there are no tricky settings and it is always measuring the correct fields. It’s measurement is exceptionally numerically accurate as it is designed by an EM Surveyor like myself.

We have used AC2’s ever since they came out 5 years ago. I use mine professionally and now it rarely leaves my side. (I am electrosensitive and need to know what radiation I am exposed to.)

The AC2 is really easy to use, a child can use and understand the readings. I have known parents allowing their child to take the AC2 into school so that they can see the radiation emitted by friends’ phones and the difference when the setting are changed.

Technical Points

The meter measures in one dimension. The EM waves are polarised, mostly vertically. The meter needs to be rotated to find the plane of maximum signal. With 3 dimensional detection you cannot find this value.

All modern communication system use digital pulses. The AC2 measures peak signal at the top of the digital pulses. Other older meters measure the average levels. Imagine the light wave example of comparing the effect of a camera flash with a candle. Averaged over time, they may give out the same intensity, but the peak is far higher for the pulse of the flash. Measuring the peak is a far better indicator of the biological effect.


The current roll out of 5G is using 3.5 GHz to work with the 4G network for local higher speed connections at the lamp post to house final communications stage. The Acousticom measures this 5G radiation.

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