radio waves and cell phones

Radio Waves and Cell Phones

Radio Waves and Cell Phones

Mobile phone antennas emit radio waves (microwaves). The EMF signals they omit are actually quite low, but that is of little comfort if you live directly below or adjacent to a RF antenna.

A bigger health issue are the radio waves and cell phones themselves. Your cell phone is in constant communication with the cell phone masts, and is continually transmitting radio waves (RF) & microwave radiation (MW). This is true even when calls are not being made.

One method of reducing the microwave radiation is to put the phone into airplane mode when it is not needed. If you still need to make and receive calls but do not need data, disable the wireless and data mode (3G/4G).

Use an airtube headset when making or receiving calls. If you don’t have an airtube headset with you use the phone in speaker mode (if convenient) or hold the phone at a minimum distance of 15mm from your skin.

radio waves and cell phones
radio waves and cell phones – use a airtube headset

And finally don’t carry your cell/mobile phone in your pants/trouser pockets (near your reproductive organs), unless it is turned off it is constantly sending and receiving MW signals.

In this video Guy Hudson, physicist and electrosensitive discusses radio waves and cell phones and your health.

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