The Oktapus

The Low Electrosmog Headset Kit

Probably the most effective low-electrosmog audio device so far.

Fits so many devices, with the lowest radiation to the user.  Just plug it in.

Please note – these headsets will not work with phones that have buttons on the handset (the bit you pick up).

We are not currently supplying the adaptors for landlines (RJ9, etc.) as they were unreliable.  They are shown in the video, which we are going to update soon.

From £64.80


Like an octopus, Oktapus is intelligent and flexible  – it  works with probably all the equipment you need to listen to.

Unrivalled pollution exposure reduction.

Airtube headset for reduction in magnetic fields to the wearer’s ear and head.

Shielded cable for low leakage pf audio frequency from the cable.

New H.A.R.D. filter to filter out the Radio Frequency pollution coming up the wire across the wearer’s chest.

Includes a cable case, an Airtube headset (black or white, stereo or mono), H.A.R.D. microwave filter and adaptors for:

  • iPhones (genuine Apple Lightening cable), Androids, Windows phones
  • most cordless phones
  • tablets
  • laptop and desktop computers

The H.A.R.D filter allows music and voice to pass through undistorted.  Even on an airtube headset which stops the microwaves getting to your head, the wire across your chest radiates into your body and the filter stops that.

Report of the Performance HARD Filter – Nov 26th 2018.

Before ordering please check that your device accepts the type of plug that the range of adaptors fit especially for older equipment.

Additional information

Headset Colour

a. White Mono, b. Black Mono, c. White Stereo, d. Black Stereo