Shielding Paint PRO54

Professional shielding paint with maximum hardness and adhesion.

Interior and exterior shielding paint for rooms and buildings

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Screening attenuation: All stated attenuation values apply at 1 Ghz. Measurement to ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006 or IEEEE Std 1128-1998 or ASTM A698/A698M-07. You find the test report above under “Report screening attenuation”.
Fire behavior: This product is flame-retardant to DIN 4102-1 (B1), see above under “Report fire behavior DIN 4102-1”.
Application: Wall exterior, Wall interior, Ceiling, Floor
Field type: HF (High frequency electromagnetic fields), LF (Low frequency alternating electrical fields)
Ecology: Normal
Color: Black

Technically our best paint, that is formulated without graphite. One paint for all, if you have high requirements. Based on a high quality pure acrylic binderFrost resistant: Suitable for shipping during winter time and for sea freights in containers. Breathable, solvent free, low-emission.

This paint is formulated without graphite, which has many advantages:

  • Does not stain off while overpainting with white wall paint.
  • Impacts against the white covering paint don’t produce black stripes.
  • The surface of the paint film is microporous rough and offers top coatings a catchy underground for excellent adhesion.
  • With 4.8 N/mm² this paint has an extremely high adhesive tensile strenght (adhesive power on the underground) for a wall paint, which is 2 times higher than with our graphite paints.

The lack of graphite has only one disadvantage: The electrical resistance and therefore the shielding attenuation is 10 dB lower per layer. We always highly recommend a two-layer application with this paint. Therewith you reach the typical 35-40 dB attenuation. The slightly higher costs due to the second coat are compensated by the many advantages.

Technical data

  • Screening attenuation: One-layer 25 dB (7.5 qm/l) to 30 dB (5 qm/l), two-layer 35 dB (3.75 qm/l) to 40 dB (2.5 qm/l). The shielding attenuation is regularly tested in our own EMC laboratory. We have measurement setups due to the following standards: ASTM D4935-10, IEEE Std 299-2006, IEEEE Std 1128-1998, ASTM A698/A698M-07.
  • Common: Our shielding paints, shielding with carbons have many advantages, see common characteristics.
  • Coverage: One-layer (5 – 7.5 m²/l), two-layer (2.5 – 3.75 m²/l).
  • Underground: Interior and exterior: Excellent adhesion on almost all undergrounds like existing emulsion paints, sheetrock, wallpaper, cement, plaster, masonry, wood, etc.
  • Top coating: Preferably covered with plastic bonded, water-based emulsion paints, dispersion silicate paints, facade paints or silicon resin paints. Not applicable are pure mineral paints (clay, loam, chalk, silicate). Please find appropriate product recommendations in the technical data sheet. Due to the high adhesive tensile strenght (to ETAG 004 for EIFS-systems, minimum 0.08 N/mm²), applicable directly under pure organic plaster, no mineral pasters!
  • Grounding: Must be grounded! We recommend interior the grounding strap EB2 plus grounding plate GW (GB) plus GP, exterior the fiber additive AF3 plus the grounding plate GE.
  • Ingredients: Water, pure acylic dispersion, carbon fibers, carbon black, additives, preservative (MIT, BIT).
  • Technical data: VOC-content: 0.2 g/l (the EU limit value for category A/a is 30 g/l from 2010). Sd-value: 0.1 m. Ph-value: 8. Adhesive tensile strenght: 4.8 N/mm². Shelf live: 12 months. Color: Black. More technical details in our table overview.

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