Professional Airtube Headset

A professional airtube headset for use with phones, with RJ9 plug. Very comfortable for longer use.



Extremely comfortable padded cushion to the ear. Avoids the problems of earbuds.

Both the microphone and the earpiece are fed by airtube and the electronics are away from the head.

The cable is EMF-shielded.

No loudspeaker close to head or ear because of airtube. No high audio-frequency magnetic fields close to the ear and brain.

Loudspeaker in the dongle at the end of the airtube

Compatible with most telephones, cordless phones, VOIP phones, etc. (with the correct cable plug adaptor)

330° adjustable metal boom.

Adjustable headband which is removable for those who want to keep metal away from their head. If the headband is removed
the earpeice must be held by hand to the ear.

It is supplied with a spare foam ear cushion.