ISOFOL Micro-Perforated – Aluminium Barrier Wallpaper

Paper laminated with 0.008 mm thick aluminium foil on one side.

sd value = 440 m equivalent air layer thickness

50cm x 10m



A lightweight,  wallpaper roll 500mm x 10m consisting of a lightweight aluminium layer and a paper layer bonded together.

The ISOFOL- micro-perforated is strongly microwave shielding, whilst porous to water vapour

It is manufactured in Switzerland specially for us and is a very strong but lightweight and efficient product

Very easy to put up and needs standard wallpapering skills

Its porosity (lots of very small holes) allows the moisture in the glue to migrate out to keep the wall dry. Also useful in walls that may have moisture in them.

Paper-backed – it is robust for handling and putting up unlike simple aluminium foil.

It has a very high shielding factor over 50dB – reducing microwave power by 100,000 times for 1 to 10 GHz.

It was tested independently by Pauli and Moldan to MIL-standard test 285

Ideal for lower layer under our absorbing wallpaper to create a Soft Faraday Cage
with low internal reflection.

NB this paper does not have a flammability rating as it is intended as a lower layer beneath the absorbing wallpaper, which does have a flammability rating.

This product is not suitable as single top surface layer.

Please note the following before applying to the wall – The silver side should face you and the paper side be against the wall.  Providing the butted joins (ie the edges of the vertical strips on the isofol and the emf wallpapers are not on top of each other we can rely on the other layer to connect the vertical strips electrically).  It is better to earth with a copper band and to connect that to earth – A qualified electrician should do this.

In the following video, Guy Hudson talks about the product and how it helps to protect you.