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The GS Meter is the only dirty electricity meter which is used in research, as far we are aware. Its patented algorithm is used for the research in this topic.

Dirty electricity, by its nature is constantly varying. This meter tracks the variations. It is useful to monitor the changes with this simple meter. For instance if a neighbour were to install solar panels or a car charger this might make your dirty electricity increase by a large amount, which this meter will detect.


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The Stetzer meter simply plugs into any standard UK socket and measures GS (Graham-Stetzer) units of dirty electricity in your mains electricity supply, displayed as a number in the range of 0-1999. Overreading is indicated by a single 1.

The meter functions by measuring the rate of change of voltage, in the frequency range 2kHz to 150kHz.

Less than 25 GS units = good
25 to 50 GS units = average
More than 50 = undesirable

It is designed for use with capacitor-based and other dirty electricity filters such as Calmspace and DE2s which are designed to reduce the GS readings.

The meter is especially useful when fitting Calmspace filters and DE2 filters, to determine the best places to plug in the filters to get the maximum reduction in dirty electricity on the mains.

*“Dirty Electricity” is a term used by electrical and electronic engineers to describe distortions in the mains supply which should a pure sine wave but often has interference from electronic power supplies.

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