Filter Model SF1 for Reducing Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) from Home Energy Systems



We’re proud to offer a solution for protection from electro-smog from home energy systems such as solar panels, home batteries, electric car charging and heat pumps. These devices cause significant electronic pollution to home and office environments. The SF1 filter set reduces electronic noise from the inverter both from the roof (DC) and the wiring in your house (AC).

Thorough yet Rapid Installation with Profound Impact

The Solar Filter 1 is designed to provide a straightforward solution to the issues related to dirty electricity from solar panels. Installation is hassle-free, and can be completed in the same day as the survey. We recommend this product alongside an onsite survey.

Part of the EMF survey performed before installation will determine whether additional exact detail of the installation including whether plugin filters and any other shielding would be recommended. Additionally, shielding may be required if your solar panels are installed on the roof.

We believe this is a great product because: 

  • It’s well proven, providing long term and robust filtering of EMI pollution. It offers protection from EMIs in the 3kHz to 100MHz range.
  • Rapid to install, which can normally be done within two or three hours
  • A High-quality product, which is built to last longer than your solar panels
  • We’ve yet to find alternative services that offer a product that can filter as thoroughly and as price competitively. The SF1 works in series, directing the home energy through the filter.
  • We designed and made the SF1 ourselves, and have the technical knowledge to reduce EMI to healthy levels in homes with home energy systems.

A Shield Against EMI / Dirty Electricity

The SF1 is engineered to reduce dirty electricity and its effects. It has a specific focus on solar panels, heat pumps, home batteries and electric car charging generated electromagnetic noise in the 3kHz to 100MHz range. Interference without filtering can disrupt your home’s electromagnetic environment, potentially leading to health concerns.

Safety and Performance Assurance

The SF1 Solar Filter is engineered to be IP66, which means it is protected against dust and strong jets of water and therefore, it is built to last long-term. Atmospheric pressure variation is also compensated for in the design.

Upgrade Your Solar System with SF1

With the SF1 Solar Filter, you can experience the advantages of clean energy without compromising on your well-being. Take the first step towards a healthier home powered by solar energy. Get in touch with us today and we would be happy to speak with you about whether the SF1 would help to improve your home or office.


300mm(h) * 240mm (w) * 130mm (d)