EMF protection three bed-sheet system

What is the 3 sheet system?

A system of 3 shielding sheets for each bed. One on the mattress – earthed: One behind the bedhead – earthed: and one in the duvet cover (not earthed). It provides a 360 degree shield – a haven or cocoon for assisting sleeping and providing a massively reduced electrosmog exposure, at the most important time of the day, for healing.

What is the 3 sheet system for?

Guaranteed earthing and shielding over a wide band of electromog frequencies. No other solution provides this with the ease of use.

It is a friendlier, cheaper enhanced solution when compared to the bed canopies which are claustrophobic and non-earthing.

We have been using cotton stainless steel filament materials for more than 5 years now. These materials are robust, highly conducting and survive dozens and dozens of washes. They earth and shield low-frequency and high-frequency electrosmog consistently and are future proof in terms of the next generation, 5G devices which use shorter wavelengths and need a closer mesh to shield the waves.

Why is the 3 sheet system unique?

The earthing will always work because the usual surrounding electric fields are shielded on all sides. (Apart from a few percent in the head region to avoid claustrophobia and to provide clear breathing).

Simultaneously the sleeper is highly shielded from electrosmog and reliably earthed.

There is very low maintenance and no stray wires and apart from when changing the sheets you will not be aware of the system being there. This is in great contrast to the more expensive canopies.

Uniquely the 3 sheet solution  provides a very low electric field surrounding environment which means the benefits of earthing will be felt. Earthing with unshielded electric filed from the mains power and lighting will actually increase the field and so the effect of earthing will be to make things worse not better – but the 3 sheet solution resolves this problem.

Earth wires – the plugs have a 100k Ohm safety resistance and are contacted by a safety pull off contact to avoid any potential snagging.

Made from Y-Shield’s Steel Twin fabric.  A compact cotton (68%) / polyester (17%)/ stainless steel (15%) fabric.

For shielding from high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF).

The frontside is made of white cotton, while the backside is densly woven with a stainless steel thread and has a light gray colour.

Attenuation:  35dB.  This reduces the power of the electromagnetic radiation reaching you by more than 2000 times, so that the power of the radiation inside the solution is less than 1/2000th of the power of the radiation outside.


Easy to wash at 30C and iron without steam at degree 1.

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Size (m)0.9 x 1.91.35 x 1.91.52 x 1.981.8 x 2
Size (in)35 x 75″53 x 75″60 x 78″71 x 79″
Bed Sheet35 x 75″60 x 75″60 x 78″71 x 79″
Duvet Sheet53 x 78″78 x 78″90 x 86″102 x 86″
Headboard Cover39 x 48″57 x 60″64 x 60″74 x 78″
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