Automatic Electrosmog Cut off Switch

Automatic Cut-off / Demand Switch.

Cuts off a mains power or lighting circuit automatically to simply reduce low frequency electrosmog when circuits are not in use.

We think you’ll need at least 3 for an average house, so we’ve made it cheaper to buy 3 or more.

This number is based on the UK set up where for a bedroom typically you need to cut of:

  1. the bedroom lighting
  2. the bedroom power circuit
  3. the lighting circuit in the room below

In a typical UK house, all the bedrooms will be covered by 3 switches – there is usually one circuit for all the bedroom lighting and another for the power.

They install into a standard UK consumer unit DIN rack.

Their capapcity is 16A: So the breaker on the power circuit will need to be changed from a 32A to a 16A one.

From £216.00


Automatic. Switch. Protection.
Cuts off a mains power or lighting circuit automatically to simply reduce low frequency electrosmog when circuits are not in use.

Mains wiring, whether lighting or power circuits normally (unless shielded) give out electric fields even when not in use. Shielding mains cabling can be inconvenient and expensive. An effective alternative is to manually switch the power cables off at the “fusebox” (consumer unit) but it is very inconvenient. These cut off switches do that automatically for you and are easy for a qualified electrician to install.  We will give your electrician telephone support, if necessary.

Often this proves to be the most effective and economical solution for mitigation of EMF pollution in private homes, especially sleeping areas, through electric or magnetic AC fields.  This is typically the first and obvious choice mitigation for professional building biologists.

How it Functions
Installed in or near the fuse box on standard brackets, the demand switch automatically interrupts the mains when the last light or appliance in the circuit is switched off, and automatically turns it back on, when the first light or appliance in the circuit is switched on. Consequently electrosmog (EMF pollution) from electric or magnetic LF-fields is safely avoided during the most important restorative time – sleep.

  • Works reliably also with dimmers, fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, halogen lamps and start-up electronics.
  • Orientation lights in the light switches and infant night lights also work with disconnected power flow.
  • Reverse and excess voltage protected.
  • LED light to show disconnected power.
  • Residual ripple: < 4 mV.
  • LED-supported function diagnose for easy installation and operation.

Automatic Electrosmog Cut off Switch Standard User Manual Installation Guide

Additional information


• Greatly reduces electric fields from AC electric fields and dirty electricity
• Automatically restores power when needed in a fifth of a second
• Very compact and takes up little space (half the space of the the other versions)
• Comes with an optional LED lamp to indicate that circuit is in cut off mode
• Easy to use
• Cost effective

Cut-Off Switch

1 Cut-Off Switch £180 + VAT, 3 Cut-Off Switches £499.17 + VAT, 4 Cut-Off Switches £649.17 + VAT, 5 Cut-Off Switches £790.83 + VAT