Earth Sheets

Near contact between your skin and the sheet will reduce your body voltage to a few millivolts. The earthing contact works to reduce the body voltage through fabrics such as socks or cotton bedsheets. Your body voltage is reduced to the earth reference, meanwhile your electrical state restored to a balance. Your body is connected to the ground and the earth feeds an electron charge to your body.

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What makes our earth sheets special?
The formulation of the material is polycotton with stainless steel filaments closely woven in. The material is not only an excellent conductor, but also an effective shield for microwave radiation. Therefore our sheets can provide protection from microwave radiation, as well as all the benefits of earthing.

Are the bedsheets safe and hygienic?

They can be washed just like any other polycotton sheet.

They shield you from any electrical wiring faults with a 100kOhm resistor which still allows earthing, but is high enough to stop any electrical shock possibility.

Any radiation coming from below whether from your own EMF sources such as WI-FI or cordless phones or other peoples equipment will be reflected away thus shielding the body. Body grounding sheets normally cover about a third of the bed as in the picture. This is sufficient for the majority of clients wanting to be earthed, if however you are being zapped from rising pulsed EMF fields from below then you might want a large one to cover the whole bed. These grounding / radiation shielding sheets are a different composition than most others. They are based on complete, durable stainless steel conductive thread to cotton bond. They have many excellent characteristics: high electrical conductivity, reduction of static electricity and reflection of microwaves.

The smaller sheets have been found to work best if they are in contact with your feet and this is probably due to the acupuncture meridians.

Supplied with standard UK plug with the earth pin only connecting. The plug is therefore not connected to your mains power, only the earth, so your electric socket can remain either switched on or off as it makes no difference.

Additional information


• Earthing effects, reduced body voltage
• Reflects microwaves
• 100kOhm resistor to protect from wiring faults
• High electrical conductivity
• Reduction of static electricity

Recommendation for use

Body grounding sheets normally cover about a third of the bed, which is sufficient for the earthing of most people. However, if there are rising EMF pulsed fields from below, such as Wi-fi routers, a sheet large enough to cover the full bed can be used as a shield. Providing not only grounding but also radiation protection.

Smaller sheets have been found to work best when in contact with users feet, and is likely due to the acupuncture meridians.

Sheet Size

b. Workstation / Car Seat Pad 33 x 46cm (13 x 18") £55, c. Single Sheet 75 x 100cm (27 x 38") £90, d. Double Sheet 97 x 150cm (38 x 59") £130, e. Full Bed Sheet 150 x 200cm (60 x 78") £200, f. Single Sheet 75 x 100cm Euro Plug £95, g. Double Sheet 97 x 150cm Euro Plug £135, h. Full Bed Sheet 150 x 200cm Euro Plug £205, i. Single Sheet 75 x 100cm US Plug £95, j. Double Sheet 97 x 150cm US Plug £135, k. Full Bed Sheet 150 x 200cm US Plug £205

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