DE2 EMF Dirty Electricity Filter (Discontinued)

Please note that the DE2 Dirty Electricity Filter is no longer manufactured.

Please click on the following link to navigate to the new BEDE3 Dirty Electricity Filter:

Protection from distorted electricity in mains power.  Simply plug these emf filters in and the DE on your supply will drop.

  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • 14 days return policy
  • Sent by first class recorded mail (or Special Delivery, if ordered with a meter)
  • Technical support available


How to use the DE2 Dirty Electricity EMF Shielding Filter

It’s simple to use, just plug it in. Should be used in conjunction with a Stetzer Meter sold on this webshop.

We are pleased to announce that we have started selling EMFields’ Dirty Electricity filters. They are a basic alternative to the more expensive Calmspace filters for dirty electricity. The latest version of the emf filter has more safety technology included such as the enclosure is now made from black fireproof plastic and an internal fuse, which we are told will cut the device off if it becomes overloaded or too warm.

The DE2 dirty electricity emf filters are effective at reducing 3kHz to 100kHz dirty electricity electronic “noise” on domestic wiring. This can be measured by a Stetzer meter.

Installation and maintenance process

  1. Check DE levels with a Stetzer meter all around the premises. The levels vary depending on electricity usage.
  2. There 3 sources of DE
    1. your electrical/electronic devices
    2. external sources such as neighbours solar panel inverter
    3. you wiring acting as an aerial to radio signals (often clock signals)
  3. If a particular area/room in the premises has higher DE levels try switching off electrical/electronic devices at the wall. Sometimes a TV, or phone or light bulb, for example will have a noisy power supply.
  4. plug in 2 DE2 filters near where you spend time to ge the DE readings as low as possible. Suggest taking an average level taken each 10 seconds for 1 minute, because the readings fluctuate.
  5. If the readings are still well above the recommended levels 25 for sensitives and 50 for normally sensitive people call us for advice.

When they are operation feel the temperature of the emf filters. They may have a slight temperature increase. This is normal. Also listen for humming.

For advice book a telephone consultancy or EMF Survey with Guy.