Calmspace Pro Dirty Electricity Filter

These dirty electricity filters are a new alternative to Stetzer Filters.

Calmspace Pro are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK. The design has been developed and updated to have the most comprehensive safety devices to suit today’s harsher electrical environment. There is a system of heat sensing cut outs and spike protection.

They remove high frequency pollution known as “dirty electricity” from the mains thus removing an element of stress (high frequency pollution has been found to lead to electrostress symptoms such as fatigue, hormone disruption, insomnia and headaches).

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In installing the Calmspace Pro Full Spectrum EMF Defence System, you are taking an important step towards creating a space in which humans are better able to withstand the modern electromagnetically-polluted environment.

Capacitor filters like this do filter away higher-frequency (3kHz to 100kHz) interference typically from electronic power supplies which in practice, have seen improvements in user’s reported health improvements in research carried out by Drs Sam Milham and Magda Havas.

The manufacturers additionally claim that the system is designed to help strengthen the body’s force field, in order to increase the natural resistance to harmful electrosmog, by incorporating a high quality mains filtering circuit, designed to reduce high frequency voltage transients (“dirty electricity”) and this alone should reduce exposure to electromagnetic stress (to organisms and sensitive electronic devices).  The system also uses the mains wiring in the building to set up a scalar field carrying holographically encoded natural information blueprints with which the body has a great affinity.

The filters have built-in surge protection and overheat protection.

The filters are hand-made in the UK.

We have tested the filters for their longer term resilience and they produce a consistent reduction in Stetzer meter readings.

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