BE DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter

Protection from distorted electricity in mains power.  Simply plug these emf filters in and the DE will drop.

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How to use the BE DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter

This is the best dirty electricity filter for most commonly found levels of dirty electricity (DE).

The BE DE3 Dirty Electricity Filters are effective at reducing 3kHz to 100kHz dirty electricity electronic “noise” on domestic wiring. This can be measured by a Stetzer meter or a Greenwave meter.

It is a simple capacitor filter but includes exceptional and advance safety features to ensure longevity of the filter and safety of users including a light to show that it is working correctly.

Installation and maintenance process

  1. Check DE levels with a Stetzer meter all around the premises. The levels vary depending on electricity usage.
  2. There 3 sources of DE
    1. your electrical/electronic devices
    2. external sources such as neighbour’s solar panels
    3. you wiring acting as an aerial to radio signals (often clock signals)
  3. If a particular area/room in the premises has higher DE levels try switching off electrical/electronic devices at the wall. Sometimes a TV, or phone or light bulb, for example will have a noisy power supply.
  4. plug in 2 BE DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter near where you spend time to get the DE readings as low as possible. Suggest taking an average level taken each 10 seconds for 1 minute, because the readings fluctuate.
  5. If the readings are still well above the recommended levels 25 for sensitives and 50 for normally sensitive people call us for advice.
  6. If levels are still high, try switching off different circuits in the consumer unit (fuse box) and see where the electronic noise is coming from.  (Modern lighting circuits with dimmers and LEDs generate a lot of DE and UK regulations make it difficult to plug in BE DE3s to lighting circuits.  We do provide other DE filter for the lighting circuits and so please contact us if you are interested.)

For advice book a telephone consultancy or EMF Survey with Guy.

Technical Details

How does the new plug-in BE DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter function?

  • DE has been proven to be a health hazard and and it is essential to reduce DE as part of EMF mitigation – ref: Prof Magda Havas– diabetes, brain fog etc.
  • For typical domestic DE pollution, plug-in filters provide a convenient solution which will reduce DE significantly in the right conditions. An EMF survey or phone consultancy will determine which filters to use
  • The BE DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter is very good value for money for what it can achieve

Preventing overheating has given total priority in design and manufacture

  • Large, well-ventilated case made from black flame-retardant material

( Conversely, If a filter is made of white plastic, it is likely to be made of non-fireproof plastic )

  • An over-voltage surge limiting device, a Varistor, helps protect the capacitor, making it last longer and not be prone to over-heating.
  • Further safety is provided by both a thermal fuse and a normal fuse.
  • An integrated circuit chip discharges the capacitor quickly so there is much less danger of electric shock.  The IC also prevents the resistor from running continuously so the filter runs cooler and takes less electricity to run.
  • A small red LED shows correct functioning at all times.