Antiwave Men’s Shirt

  • for shielding high-frequency electromagnetic waves
  • very good tear resistance with soft quality, antistatic, elastic
  • stretch knitted fabric for comfort and good fit
  • organic Cotton, kbA (controlled organic cultivation)

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antiwave is the new generation of emf protection clothing that shields electromagnetic radiation directly from the body.

The New Antiwave quality is a right-left jacquard knit, in a combination of combed, certified organic cotton and silver coated polyamide.
The coating does not consist of controversial nano-
silver, but of 20 % pure silver that surrounds the entire polyamide fibre. The metallic silver is absolutely harmless to human health and to nature.
Pure silver has a natural antibacterial effect and
can also have a positive effect on skin problems as well as excessive sweating and body odour.
Thanks to the innovative fabric construction and the use of
high-quality materials, this knitted fabric protects against
electromagnetic radiation with an efficiency of > 99 %. This is
confirmed by an expert opinion by the EMF test lab Bavaria.
New Antiwave is a particularly easy-care quality. A high-quality finish ensures that the shielding property is retained even after several washes. Due to the antibacterial effect of the silver, washing at 30 – 40 °C is sufficient.

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