Mono / Stereo Airtube Headsets


AIRTUBE headsets – as recommended by doctors around the world.
It’s all part of “never put a microwave transmitter to your head”. With an airtube headset you will never need do that again.

How to use: Use an airtube headset just like a normal headset (please have a look at the video below) –
You plug the standard 3.5mm plug into the top of the phone and insert the earpiece into your ear. Answer a ringing call by pressing the button on the dongle and stop the call in the same way.
Airtube headsets are thought by many doctors and scientists to be safer because they reduce microwave and other EM fields exposure massively for the user of mobile phones.
Why are they different? The airtube is an empty tube that carries the sound from a little loudspeaker in the microphone dongle which is 270mm away from the user’s ear.
Airtube headsets have the advantage of massively reducing the radiation exposure experienced by the user from a mobile phone or cordless phone, particularly to the user’s head. This works in 2 ways – there is a measured increased radiation on ordinary wire headsets that picked up the mobile phone radiation – airtube headsets stop this happening and also do not have audio frequency magnetic fields from the ordinary earpiece near your ear nerve.

The plug is standard to most phones sold in EU within the last 5 years. Some older phones will not be compatible without a converter.

WARNING: setting expectations:  All headsets have a weakness – the wire easily breaks where it goes into the plug. Our headphones are relatively cheap and easy to replace and do last if used carefully. Some people give up using a headset when this wire breaks. You do need to keep using them – just be careful not to yank the wire and it will last years but otherwise expect your headset to last a few months only. It is advisable to keep a spare one.


Mono or stereo (one earbud or two).

Black or white: both supplied with an optional smaller earbud

Discount for buying 3 together: Often people want to buy not only for themselves but also others they want to protect. So we offer a discount if you buy 3 – see our triple packs.

We have tried many types – and Guy thinks the single ear (mono) one works the best if you want to leave the heaset plugged in all the time – so that you never need put a mobile phone to your head. He finds that double earpeice (stereo) ones get tangled sometimes.

If you need adaptors for iPhones, cordless phones, tablets, etc., please see the Oktapus.

From £37.50



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White version of Airtube headset in pack: note smaller and larger earplug for both colours. The tube and the earpiece are made of entirely non-metallic materials, so there is no electromagnetic radiation directly into your head.

Headset Colour

a. White Mono, b. Black Mono, c. White Stereo, d. Black Stereo, e. White mono triple pack ( X 3 ), f. Black mono triple pack ( X 3 )

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