12 Rolls of EMF Absorbing Wallpaper



  • EMF Wallpaper Instructions
  • Supplied in rolls of 10.05m by 53cms
  • put up like ordinary wallpaper with standard paste. Cuts like lining paper. Good flexibility over imperfect plaster
  • can be covered with ordinary wallpaper, is also paintable
  • compatible with aluminium foil-based materials
  • easy to install, whether in new fit or redecoration
  • non-woven fabric
  • uniquely, is very highly absorbent – nearly all other materials reflect – this dampens down EMFs in a room
  • good shielding properties for electromagnetic fields
  • strong and durable

Euroroll Absorbing Wallpaper Shielding Characteristics

(Tested to US military standard MIL285)

FrequencyShielding (dB)Shielding %
50 Hz>43>99.99
100 Hz>61>99.9999
150 kHz123>99.999999
1 MHz82>99.999999
10 MHz47>99.99
100 MHz32>99.9
500 MHz2099
1 GHz1495
2 GHz24>99.9
3 GHz24>99.9
10 GHz26>99.9

This is by at least 60% by absorption, whereas almost all other materials shield by reflecting.

For example Y-shield paint is 95% reflecting.

Note the dip at 1GHz which means in North America this wallpaper needs another layer underneath of Y-shield paint or reflecting material such as gauze, aluminised sheet, reflecting wallpaper. This cuts down internal reflection and renders the room far more friendly to sensitive humans.

For the lower frequency shielding to work this Euroroll wallpaper must be earthed.

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non metallic non ferromagnetic breathable material according to DIN 53-122 ecological fire rating: flame retardant according to DIN 4102/B1 class A according to ASTM E84-97a easy to install in new construction and reconstruction ideal base for further decoration physical properties of non waven fabrics low reflective surface good shielding properties for electromagnetic fields strong and durable earthing required can be covered with any wallcoverings, paintable