Practitioners and Electrosmog

Many patients, particularly those with CFS and MCS are also EHS.
[Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electro-hypersensitive.]
Their sensitivity can make a visit to a clinic painful and unpleasant due to ordinary but high levels of electrosmog.

Reducing electrosmog in your Clinic
We survey, improve, report and certify* treatment rooms and waiting rooms. Discounts for our work are available to practitioners.
*to SBM2008 the VDB building biology standard.
We can recommend changes to your environment to facilitate large reductions in electrosmog.

Making your work more popular and effective
Given how common EHS now is, any practitioner is likely to have many more clients interested in their services.
We reward practitioners with a referral fee to clients. Clients with low electrosmog environments are likely to respond better to your treatments.

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