How to turn off WiFi on BT Home Hub 5

How to turn off WiFi on BT Home Hub 5

This is how to turn off WiFi on BT Home Hub 5 and use it wired to your laptop/PC.

Option 1 – put the hub in a shielding bag!

Option 2 connect with ethernet cable and reprogram the BT home hub 5 router

Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to your laptop.

Enable flight mode on your laptop (on my laptop it is Fn+F3).

Open a browser and browse to your BT Home Hub 5 router.

This is usually or

Click on Advanced Settings, this will take you to an Admin login screen:

Admin login page.

Enter the admin password.

Click on Continue to Advanced Settings.


Select Wireless.

Select 2.4GHz and click No to disable.


Click on Apply.

Select 5GHz and click No to disable.


Click on Apply.

Your router is now disabled for your wireless SSID.

However if you signed up to BT-FON (free wireless from other people’s BT router), your BT Home Hub 5 us still responding to requests from mobile devices attempting to connect to WiFi SSID BT-FON and your router will still be emitting WiFi. You will see the connection go up and down as devices connect and disconnect, as is the case here (Click on TroubleShooting/EventLog and filter for category Open WiFi):

how to turn off wifi on BT home hub 5

If you see repeated connections up and down, contact BT and opt-out of BT-FON, you can do this online, over the phone or via their on-line chat help.

Within 24-36 hours of opting out of BT-FON, you should see this in the logs:

How to turn off WiFi on BT Home Hub 5

Congratulations you are now using the Internet through a wired connection only (no wireless).

I hope you found this guide on how to turn off WiFi on BT Home Hub 5 useful.


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