How to Protect Yourself from 5G

A question a lot of people are asking is ‘How to protect yourself from 5G’.

Beneficial Environments have a new EMF shielding product, ISOFOL Micro-Perforated – Aluminium Barrier Wallpaper that protects you from Electrosmog, EMFs, electromagnetic radiation.

It is specially manufactured for us in Switzerland, it is a very strong but lightweight and efficient product.

  • It has a very high shielding factor
  • Its porosity (lots of very small holes) allows the moisture in the glue to migrate out to keep the wall dry – This is also useful for walls that may have moisture in them
  • Supplied in 10m * 50 cm rolls
  • Lightweight, aluminium on one side & paper on the other
  • Very easy to put up and only needs standard wallpapering skills and is robust when handled

Please note that this product is not suitable as single top surface layer and should be used as a lower layer beneath absorbing wallpaper.

In the following video, Guy Hudson, physicist and electrosensitive, talks about the product and how it helps to protect you.

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