Guy, our surveyor, goes on a very special course

We have worked with some of the best UK practitioners for the best techniques, but now  with 12 German surveyors, sharing decades-worth of ideas and experience, I have just spent three days on a course in Germany on measurement of electromagnetic fields/ electrosmog.

It was extremely thorough and taught by a real expert in measurement of fields experienced in everyday life. We looked at static, low frequency and high frequency levels, with particular reference to the German Building Biology and the Swedish TCO standards.

It was organised by Gigahertz Solutions, who make the widest range of of very high quality meters and accessories for surveying.
Germany has many hundreds of qualified Building Biologists with the stringent German qualification, and there is a strong demand there for surveying and mitigation services. You can even stay in hotels there (BIO-Hotels) that have very low electrosmog levels.
My surveying has been enhanced greatly.

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