EMF radiation

EMF Radiation

There is a large body of solid science showing that electromagnetic radiation (EMF Radiation – EMR) that is a by-product of our high-tech world has many varied effects on our biology. It is time we replaced the common refrain of “no solid evidence of danger” with “it’s time we acknowledge the dangers and do something about it”.

The steps necessary for change are many. Two of the most important are:

  1. Establish the criteria that will make the technology safer for users and for all in the surrounding environment. Fortunately, those criteria are not difficult to put in place, and there are multiple ways in which the amount of exposure can be reduced. What is required is the recognition that the change is needed and doable.
  2. Create an informed citizenry. When people are informed, they are empowered. We have seen over and over again what the population can achieve when it is mobilized to act. Corporate and government policy can change dramatically.

These goals are central to the ideas in this book (and our company Beneficial Environments). By knowing the facts you can make informed decisions about how to use technology, and you can become part of the process (solution) required to reduce the potential harm posed by EMF radiation.

Adapted from Overpowered – What science tells us about the dangers of cell phones and other WiFi-age devices – Martin Blank, PhD

Beneficial Environments has products which can reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. We also offer a comprehensive surveying service.

We conduct surveys in homes and offices, in areas used for sleeping, working and resting. We check the levels of EMF radiation and compare them with those recommended by the Institute of Building Biology, Stetzer Electric and others.

EMF radiation
EMF radiation

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