EMF Hazards Summit

EMF Hazards Summit – Exceptional Virtual Conference

There is an exceptional EMF Hazards conference of 26 lectures coming up.

Nick Pineault, leading EMF Journalist, and trainer has invited key leaders in the EMF Health field to give brief lectures on the HAZARDS of EMF’s.

Most lectures are highly-focussed 20 minutes long. Your time will not be wasted.

Click this link to reserve your FREE TICKET https://emfhazards.com/?oprid=1264&ref=84

I went on an EMF course of Nick’s last year. He is an excellent communicator and knows his stuff. He has the rare ability to make complex technical issues easy to understand but does not mislead. Even though I have been in this field for 16 years, I found the course refreshing and stimulating. So you can expect a high quality of content in the lectures (and the Q&A).

The FREE TICKET allows you to see the lectures only the conference day when the lecture is live and must be booked before the conference starts.
So for most people who will want to see most of the lectures, the inconvenience of taking many hours out of 4 days in a row means that they might miss key content.  If you want to replay the lectures in your own time a VIP TICKET is available at a very reasonable $37 (~£27, ~€31). Click on the following link to register for the conference https://emfhazards.com/?oprid=1264&ref=84 then scroll down to purchase the VIP pass.

I just want to emphasize how important this conference is. It has English-speaking world leaders who have a lot to say with real impact on how we should reduce electrosmog in our everyday lives.

Personally, I am so pleased that Nick and co are promoting IGNIR the non-profit new EMF guidelines for environments and devices. When you log in, do have a look at the short IGNIR video. (IGNIR = International Guidelines for Non-Ionising Radiation).

Beneficial Environments (Guy Hudson) – where do we fit in? https://www.beneficialenvironments.co.uk
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The Speakers

Erica is a fellow board member of IGNIR. She is a brilliant lecturer and I see Nick has allowed her to go over on the time but her medical content is well researched.

Olle (pronounced Olly) is an engaging, amusing academic and a fearless campaigner to get electromsmog on governments’ agendas.

My own area (EMF surveying and mitigation) is well-served with Oram Miller and Brian Hoyer, both expertss in their fields. Oram leads the electro section of the US Building Biologists.

Other such as Dr Mercola need no introduction from me!

The key will be Nick’s journalistic skills in getting the lecturers to focus down on what is the most important content for us.

I look forward to joining you at the conference.

Guy Hudson
EMF Surveyor
EMF Hazards Summit

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