Electromagnetic Surveyor

Electromagnetic Surveyor

Guy Hudson is a physicist and an electromagnetic surveyor.

We live amid a modern ‘electrosmog’ of electromagnetic (EM) waves. There are many sources, inside our home and outside. Examples include mobile phones, wireless routers and cordless phones. There are others, like power transformers for laptops, phone chargers and energy-saving light bulbs.

We conduct electromagnetic surveys to check the levels of electromagnetic fields. We compare them with those recommended by the BioInitiative 2012 report, the IBN [Institute of Building Ecology Neubeuern], Stetzer Electric and others.

The survey of a typical home (office and commercial premises will differ) will include (where appropriate and feasible) checks for :

  • radio/microwave fields (mobiles, cordless phones, wifi, cellmasts)
  • ‘dirty’ electricity (transient variations in the voltage and frequency of the mains)
  • earth live and neutral being connected
  • extra low frequency electric and magnetic fields
  • geomagnetic anomalies
  • geopathic stress
  • induced body voltages

We can supply equipment and advise on ways to for you to reduce your exposure to excessive pollution, while doing everything possible to retain full use of your electrical and electronic equipment.

We also offer a design service to help establish an electromagnetically calm and healthy environment in new buildings.

The aim is to help you live in a ‘beneficial environment’.

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Electromagnetic Surveyor
Electromagnetic Surveyor

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