EMF shielding

Electromagnetic Shielding

There are a number of electromagnetic shielding products we recommend. to help protect and reduce your exposure to everyday electrosmog.

We sell EMF shielding wallpaper.

  • supplied in rolls of 10.05m by 53cms
  • put up like ordinary wallpaper with standard paste. Cuts like lining paper. Good flexibility over imperfect plaster
  • can be covered with ordinary wallpaper, is also paintable
  • compatible with aluminium foil-based materials
  • easy to install, whether in new fit or redecoration
  • non-woven fabric
  • uniquely, is very highly absorbent – nearly all other materials reflect – this dampens down EMFs in a room
  • good shielding properties for electromagnetic fields
  • strong and durable
EMF shielding
Electromagnetic shielding wallpaper

In this video Guy Hudson, physicist and electrosensitive talks about EMF shielding wallpaper.

We also sell EMF shielding clothing.

All our clothing products provide

  • shielding of electromagnetic waves (RF)
  • made with cotton with integrated shielding material, elastic
  • washable
  • anti-static
  • custom sizes can be manufactured
EMF shielding
Electromagnetic shielding clothing

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