earthed recovery sleeping bags

Earthed recovery sleeping bags

I recommend all electrosensitive people should have earthed recovery sleeping bags –

Where you sleep for hopefully 8 hours a day is where you can heal and recover to reduce your sensitivity

These bags not only shield you from high and low frequency radiation – they also have earthed you for a better sleep.

If you are suffering, they provide a relativley cheap and effective respite quickly with minimum fuss.

They provide good protection even without re-equipping and redecorating your bedroom.

Also they are a good means of being able to travel so that you can sleep protected from wifi, mobile phone and poor quality mains electricity.

I have used my earthed recovery sleeping bag for 4 years (see photo), they wash well and I find it indispensible and an essential item for very frequent use.

The shielding is provided by very durable stainless filament which last many washes in contrast to the silver filament from other makes.

Earthed recovery sleeping bags are available from our web shop

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