Consulting Services

Electrosmog Consulting
Consultant Guy Hudson MIoP

We consult with clients, health practitioners, architects, project managers, quantity surveyors and building biology specialists from Germany on large and small construction projects. We also work with specialist suppliers worldwide to find the most technically suitable equipment for the requirement.

Example recent projects:
  • Extensive refurbishment of a central London townhouse – the EM environment – design, build, test. We have successfully created an absorbing “soft” Faraday cage and filtered incoming mains supply and specified the electrical install for lighting with the mechanical engineers on the project.
  • Low electrosmog bedrooms for a block of extracare flats for a local authority – design phase completed
  • Fault detection and resolution of subtle but complex induction loop problem in pre-existing low electrosmog property
  • Design and implement low electrosmog environment for patient with chronic illness
  • Low electrosmog environment for luxury tower block flat for mother and new baby – working with the client’s team of builders
  • Resolution of strong earthing¬† currents due to stray currents at larger domestic property
  • Reduce the elevated magnetic fields in child’s sleep area and educate the whole family in electromagnetic hygiene
  • Create shielded bedroom for child with Lyme’s disease
  • Specify new timed wifi and demand switches and implement with electrician

Designing out electromagnetic pollution is a critical part of having house achieving to Building Biology principles. The idea behind the Building Biology methodology brings the interior of any building the nearest to nature as possible (pollution free) and is referenced  to the IBN standard SBM2015.

Guy Hudson has been trained by the VDB – the professional group in the Building Biology system in Germany. To date Guy is the only professional electromagnetic surveyor in the UK trained to design, measure and certify buildings to IBN and the EUROPAEM guidelines and has a network of advisors and mentors to assist with new and complex problems.