Airtube headset

Why use an Airtube Headset ?

Why is the airtube headset the safest option for all mobile users?

Mobile phone and cordless phones radiate microwaves.  Holding these phones away from your head reduces the radiation absorbed by your brain by a significant factor.

It allows you to comply with the manufacturers’ safety guidance of never to use a mobile phone within 15mm (more than half an inch) from your skin.

You can use speaker mode – not private and picks up external noise.

Ordinary headsets supplied by the manufacturers radiate the brain because the wire acts as an aerial and the speaker puts potentially carcinogenic magnetic fields directly into your ear.

Airtube headsets from beneficial environments work differently: See the picture below


Airtube headset
White airtube headset

The dongle not only contains the on/off button but also the speaker. An AIRTUBE – a soft, comfortable, hollow tube with only air in it – carries the sound up to the hollow earpiece.

Technically, an airtube headset is very simple and reliable and reduces the key sources of radiation by an enormous amount.


Please do have a look at this video where Guy Hudson shows you how to use an airtube headset.



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