Musician with Electrosensitivity

A musician’s experiences of electrosensitivity

I read and watch a lot of material on electrosensitivity but this is full of humanity, feeling, knowledge and understanding.

A musician’s life is seriously affected by her electrosensitivity and she describes with great clarity and from the heart.

Radiation Diaries – Elizabeth’s Story  [If the privacy settings SORRY message comes up click the “Watch on Vimeo” button]

In this episode of “Radiation Diaries,” Elizabeth relates,
in metaphorical terms, the profound negative affects of
microwave. The proliferation of cell phones, towers, mobile
devices and “smart” meters, have required that she retreat
into her ecologically green home.

Because there is now a proliferation of massive numbers of
wireless devices, which broadcast microwaves and other
energies, it must be assumed that the average person
in the U.S. receives levels of radiation never before
experienced in human history.

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