Protecting you and your family from EMF radiation

To help health-conscious people protect themselves and their families from exposure to detrimental electro-magnetic radiation.  We assist our customers to create environments beneficial to their health.

We advise on changes to lifestyle, provide equipment to target particular issues and assist in creating environments with low electrosmog. We have 15 years experience of projects of all sizes.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information about Wi-Fi, 5G and EMF’s? We help people to navigate through this maze and protect themselves and their families  from potentially harmful EMF exposure.

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Concerned about the damage EMF’s can cause to you and your family?  EMFs can be a complex issue, we offer home surveys and consulting services throughout the UK, providing expert advice to both domestic and commercial projects.

What are EMF's?

Awareness of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is growing.  More and more people want to reduce their exposure and we’re here to help.



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